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Aloe vera, multipurpose and beneficial remedy

Posted 10/13/2014

Today I will talk about how amazing and beneficial Aloe Vera is, I hope my advices and own experiences help you.

Always I have been listening and reading about how amazing are the benefits of aloe vera. In Aloe vera you can find so many nutrients, vitamins like vitamin E, folic acid, carotene, minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, amino acid, enzymes and so on. I will tell you how beneficial has been for me and my family.


Beneficial effects on skin

You can use Aloe vera for no severe burns and burns caused by the sun, because the enzymes in Aloe vera help to regenerate the inflamed skin at the same time, you get a refresh effect in your skin. I remember during one of our vacations my husband and I forgot completely to take the sunscreen to the beach and my husband suffered so much because he got his skin burn with the sun, the only thing that helped it was to apply aloe vera gel in his skin, after a couple of hours he felt a huge difference and the pain disappear

If you suffer of atopic dermatitis Aloe Vera will help you a lot; every winter my oldest boy got sudden outbreaks of atopic dermatitis and the solution have been to apply organic aloe vera gel mix with some oils or with his moisturizing body cream, the oils I use are: jojoba, almond, macadamia I mean you can use any oil. That mix improved a lot his dry skin and the itching, cause, by dermatitis, especially during the night. Is so difficult to see your children without sleep because of the itchy skin, I recommend this 100%.

Another benefit is that Aloe Vera helps to cure hemorrhoids post partum; wash the area, apply cold compresses and then kindly apply aloe vera gel, after some days the hemorrhoids will disappear.


Good for the body

The Aloe vera juice clean and detox the organism, I drink it with my stomach empty every morning and it helps a lot my digestive and my gastritis; for example to those people who cannot go to bathroom, after drinking this, you will go, you will lose weight and you will have a clean colon.

This plan will help you if you have arthritis, rheumatoid and muscles pain, too.


Amazing for hair

Aloe vera is a super good detangler you mix the juice with water and is ready to work with tangle hair.

For more information about how beneficial is the Aloe vera and if you are suffering dandruff and other scalp medical conditions you need to read this article by 




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