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Carrots and coconut to grow a healthy hair

Posted 11/24/2014

Today I have for you my beautiful ladies, this homemade remedy to grow healthy long hair; this is an old recipe but very good and effective.

This is a home remedy to grow healthy long hair; this is an old recipe but very good and effective.

The ingredients to use are carrots and coconut milk or coconut cream; these ingredients are economic and easy to find in any grocery store.

First I will tell you a little a bit about the benefits of these two amazing ingredients to grow a long healthy and strong hair.


The carrots are rich in vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, vitamin E and others strong components to grow and these combat hair loss, making the new hair grow strong and shining.



The coconut is a deep moisturizer for your hair and skin, fight against the dandruff, is antifungal, stimulate hair growth, fortify hair, and bring shine and moist to the dry hair. I recommend you to include it in your diet; is extremely healthy to take daily a small spoon of coconut oil.


Recipe for hair growth

*Coconut milk or Coconut cream

*1-2 big carrots


The ingredients amounts will depend how long and tick is your hair, you can try buying ready milk or coconut cream or you can do it yourself at home.

Begins extracting carrots juice, using a juicer or grating the carrots, and then mix it with coconut milk or coconut cream. Then apply to your hair from root to tip, let it set for at least one hour, use a plastic cap, after the hour or the time of your preference wash as usual. In order to get better results use this treatment every second week, If you have the time.

You can buy the coconut milk ready if you want or you can get it at home by grating the coco, that is perfect too, what it works for me is juicing the carrots in the juicer and then mixing it with some ready coconut milk from shop.  

I hope this homemade hair treatment give you excellent results like myself and other girls, remember natural things are effective you just have to have constancy and dedication. If you have questions please comment and if you like the post share it with your girls in social media and make sure you thumbs up BronceNatural facebook fans page.

Hugs and be blessed always. Thanks! Gracias!




Carolin/ Author BronceNatural