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Homemade intimate soap against infections

Posted 12/7/2014

This soap is super good to avoid and prevent Candida, yeast infections, itching and other vaginal infections, during the pregnancy or without a pregnancy.

In my personal case everything started when I got pregnant of my first child, I had infections all the time, which is quite normal during the pregnancy, but that cause the excessive use of antibiotics which were damaging my stomach and were killing the good bacteria in my body, for that reason I was taking constantly probiotics to deal a little bit with the unconformable situation, but anyway the infection was there and at the moment of the birth I still have it, so more antibiotics during the delivery, because those infections are very harmful for the newborn.

This infections have nothing to do with the hygiene, is just very easy to get those especially during the pregnancy and because of some hormonal disorder, bad nutrition, a lot of sugar and fried food or just a weak immunology system.

Then in my second pregnancy I got those again and is when I just decided, this have to stop I have to find a natural solution to this problem and I started to experiment with oils at home, of course just after I read about those and the final result it was this natural soap which helped me a lot, I was not longer taking any antibiotic, the results were fantastic, the deliver process was perfect without any antibiotics in my blood. Thank God and to this recipe I was free of many bothers during the whole second pregnancy.

I will tell you a little bit about the properties of these oils:

Coconut oil

So good and for so many things, this oil contains caprylic acid which kills bacteria and is antifungal and is powerful antiseptic.

Tea tree oil

Scientific studies have been showing how effective is this oil against Candida bacteria, fungus and other vaginal infections, because of his antifungal properties. This oil is too strong and the use should be moderate, because can cause side effects.

What you need for this recipe:

-Baby shampoo or baby body wash (unscented)

-Coconut oil

-Tea tree oil

Take a container of 100 ml fill it halfway with baby shampoo, add 2 tee spoon of coconut oil and 2 drops of tea three oil ( be careful), shake the mix and is ready to use. This recipe does not need refrigeration, shake always before use.

This is the soap I use currently and my friends have been testifying about the good results after using it.

I hope this information is useful for you, this recipe is a good way to keep you clean especially if you are working many hours during the day, you will avoid infections and this won´t keep your vaginal flora.

If you are having a high risk pregnancy please ask your doctor before to use this recipe. Thanks! Blessings!





Author BronceNatural