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Some tips to get rid of hair buildup

Posted 1/8/2015

Happy and blessed 2015 for those beautiful people, who follow us, read our blog and recommend it, from the bottom of my heart, thanks.

Probably you changed your look to receive 2015 beautiful with a gorgeous  hair, maybe you changed your hair color or you bleached it, without doubts your hair it was shiny, but now it looks damaged and super dry and is buildup because of the excessive use of chemicals and so on. Today I give you some tips in order to get free of the buildup hair and how to regenerate your hair.

Let´s start this year with a clean hair; following these tips you will help your hair to grow healthy

What you need to do first is to apply a homemade remedy as a pre poo. For this purpose would be phenomenal to use the carrots and coconut homemade hair treatment or moisturizing hair mask, both recommended in this blog a couple of weeks ago; if you didn´t know about this please find below the links with the recipe:


After this, wash your hair with a shampoo of your preference then for the second wash use a clarifying shampoo, in order to remove the buildup of the hair and deep clean the scalp. I highly recommend the clarifying shampoo of Giovanni (50:50 Balanced Hydrating-Clarifying shampoo Giovanni) is super good, will clean your scalp and will remove all the chemicals and the most important you won´t get a dry hair, on the contrary, you will get different effect, because this particular shampoo is a moisturizing shampoo.

Once you wash your hair with two different shampoo the normal one and the clarifying, is time to repair the hair by applying a repairing hair mask, I recommend Giovanni (Nutrafix, Hair Reconstructor, Giovanni) this will fix your hair, your hair will receive a lot of protein, tangle free and will be absolutely soft and moisture, not matter how dry and tangle it is. This product is the bomb, I love it!

These products are not expensive at all and you can purchase them in and if you use this coupon BUH628 you will get discounts in your first purchase. Iherb ships to over 150 countries.

I have been using both products and I am very satisfied with the results. If you cannot find these products, for some reason, I will recommend you the following products which are quite good too and easy to find:


Tresemme naturals nourishing Moisture conditioner and the clarifying shampoo (Creamy Aloe Vera) Olive oil brand.


The purpose of this routine is to start this year fresh, with a clean and healthy scalp, then your hair will be able to get a lot of vitamins. Once you use a lot of products you will know how to get free of buildup hair.

Please feel free to comment or to ask questions. Thanks! blessings





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