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I consider myself as a joyful person :) I love to write and to share useful ideas.

I'm passionate and enthusiastic with all about natural things and hair; every day I feel amazed with all the benefits we can get from nature in so many different ways.


Why I decided to open a blog?

Bronce Natural is a project that I decided to start after noticing how my friends asked from me advices for their hair and skin; we exchange tips and I always advice them to use natural things, that you usually have at home like oils and so on.

Then I realized and remembered how much I like to write and why not to share with more people tips that have been helping me and helping others, that is the primordial idea of BronceNatural, to share valuable, useful and truthful information.

I hope you enjoy my blog and be blessed always. Hugs!


A cheerful heart is good medicine ♥

Proverbs 17:22