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10 tips to deep conditioning hair properly

Posted 2/25/2016

Are we deep conditioning our hair properly? These tips will help you to improve your hair deep conditioning routine.

I will share you with you some tips that will help you during your deep conditioning process.



1- Deep condition, with a good deep hydrating conditioner.  This not necessarily means expensive product.

2- Add oils to your conditioner, olive oil, coconut oil or the oil of your preference.

3- Always, I mean always if possible add honey for maximum moisture and shine.

4- Heat up your deep conditioner prior to putting in on your hair, especially if you do not have a hooded blow dryer or steamer, this step will help you a lot, believe me.

5- Put on a plastic cap, in case you do not have steamer.

6- Leave in on for 25 minutes to 1 hour. I don´t think to go over 1 hour will make any huge difference; the hair already got the benefits from the conditioning process. Not need to deep condition over night.

7- Deep condition in wet hair, I always get better results with wet hair than with dry hair.

8- Rinse out the hair with lukewarm water.

9- Not need to detangle your hair prior the deep condition process, I think is waste of time.

10- Apply the deep conditioner by sectioning your hair.


These tips are base on my own experience, hopefully you will get the same or better results than me, be blessed always!


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