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Bio-oil really works against stretch marks

Posted 4/17/2015

Today, I want to share my experience with this product and how I use it; this is one of the few products for skin that really do what it promises.

In case you don´t know the product Bio-Oil is a moisturizer oil that helps to prevent stretch marks during the pregnancy, improve the appearance of old scars and dry aging skin.

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My personal experience

I remember how itching it was my skin during my first pregnancy, it was unbearable, that´s when one of my coworkers advised me to use BIO-OIL; at the beginning I was a little bit skeptical but I was surprised with the results, I didn’t get any stretch marks during my pregnancy or postpartum. Thanks Anita, great advice! 

The same with my second pregnancy, I was thinking... maybe I was just lucky during my first pregnancy, but anyway I will try Bio-Oil, one more time; I got excellent results, not stretch marks during the whole pregnancy or after. Love it! 100% satisfied!

During my pregnancies I applied it to my belly, stomach, thighs and buttocks.  I will recommend, if you are pregnant do not use your nails when your belly is itching, instead use your hand palms kindly and then apply the oil.

Sometimes, I mixed up with my moisturizing body cream and I got same results.



1-Mix your Bio-Oil with your moisturizing face cream, add a few drops, I use to do it and I haven´t ever get any allergic reaction.

2-Do the same if you use anti-cellulite cream.


This product has won a lot of awards and is very popular here in Finland, others countries of Europe and USA. In Latin-American countries is gaining fame and respect too.

I personally give to this product 4 stars out of 5, because I will love it to be completely natural, but other than that, this product is the bomb.  It really works!

This review is based on my own experience, is not a commercial and I am not receiving any payment for this.

Blessings! Please feel free to share with me your experiences with this oil or ask some questions.  Thank you!

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