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Homemade body cream for kids with dermatitis and dry skin

Posted 11/4/2015

 I have been dealing with the dermatitis in my older son and have been quite hard to deal with it.  Today I want to share with you, this recipe which I have been using for a while and have been helping my son a lot.

In previous articles, I have been sharing our experience and how some oils and aloe vera have improved his skin.

Tired to spend so much money in pharmaceutical body creams, full of cortisone, I decided to prepare a homemade body cream for him.

The main problem with these cortisons products is that at some point you will get side effects in your skin and your whole organism. Those products help at the moment, but they don´t moisture the skin enough and after some days you will get it again some dermatitis.

This homemade cream moisture for almost the whole day and reduces itching especially during the night.

I have been using Shea butter for a while in my hair and skin with amazing results, so I decided to mix it up with moisturizing oils and give it a try.




Shea butter (3 table spoons)

Aloe Vera gel (2 teaspoons)

Almond oil (5 drops)

Coconut oil (1 tablespoon)

Vitamin E oil (3 drops)


Place the butter into a glass mixing bowl next adds the rest of the ingredients and then mixes it up, until is fluffy or you get a creamy consistency .

Put it in a container of your preference, it does not need to be refrigerated. Blessings!