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Homemade hair growth dropper (DIY)

Posted 6/24/2015

Sometimes our hair is not growing properly, not matter what we do; the natural ingredients have been the best friends in my hair journey. Today, I share with you this DIY homemade hair growth dropper.

This hair dropper is easy to prepare and apply. The main ingredients are cinnamon and rosemary.

The cinnamon is well known as a hair growth stimulator, antibacterial and excellent to remove the scalp impurities.

I use to add to my shampoo a cinnamon stick and sometimes I do the same with my hair conditioners, this is so simple to do and you will be amaze with the results.

Rosemary is one of my favorite’s hair herbs; it promotes hair growth as well. Many natural hair products contain rosemary and peppermint, especially the ones who combat alopecia.

Here I share with you my DIY hair dropper recipe




5 cinnamon sticks

Rosemary (2 tablespoon of dry leafs or 3 small branches)

Peppermint (a few drops) this step is optional.

Spray bottle

1lt water


Boil all the ingredients at least for 15 minutes or until the water reduce by half. Let it cool and pour the liquid on the spray bottle.  

This dropper smell good and you get a refresh feeling in your scalp.

Keep on the fridge, can be use at least for 3 weeks, then prepare a new one. Blessings!


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