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How to disinfect small holes in kid´s plastic cups or bottles

Posted 10/20/2015

I want to share with you this simple trick I use to disinfect the small holes in my kid´s plastic cups and bottles, as well can be use in every container or recipient which has areas difficult to clean.

I don´t know if you have been noticing, but many of this small holes save a kind of black mold difficult to remove and not even the dish washer can take those away.

This is a risk for the kids, because it can accumulate bacteria that go directly into the stomach.Picture: Picture:


What you will need is


White vinegar or baking soda (choose the one of your preference, both disinfect)

Swabs (cotton buds)

Needle (in case the area is to tiny and the swab cannot go through it)


Soaked in vinegar swab head, enter it in that small area of the lid of the cup, stir well, let stand 1 minute and rinse with hot water.
If you opt for the most natural (baking soda), separates a small teacup of water, add 2 teaspoons of baking soda, stir until well mixed, soaked swab and then cleaned the desired area, rinsed with water hot.

If you use the needle because the area is very small, then thoroughly clean the needle, soak the head of the needle and proceed to clean the area, rinse with hot water.

I hope this will be useful, and share it with your friends with young children.  Blessings!