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How to keep Mosquitoes away (natural repellent)

Posted 1/26/2016

I want to share with you this natural mosquito repellent, is completely save and great for people with allergies, dermatitis, pregnant, excellent for kids and babies.

If you are planning to go on vacations, to some exotic destination and you have small kids or you are suffering of psoriasis, dermatitis or very dry skin, and you are looking for a mosquitoes repellent, this natural remedy is for you. 

All you need is white vanilla; Yes!!! white vanilla will keep mosquitoes away !!! you just need to apply it in your whole body 2 times in a day or depending how much you will be exposed to mosquitoes.

I didn’t know how good white vanilla is for the skin, until we travel to my home country  and the repellents I had with me did not prevent the mosquitoes bite my kids, so one of the locals recommend me the white vanilla.

It was very difficult to find something that helps but at the same time do not dry the skin, as many of you know my oldest son suffer of dermatitis.


White vanilla moisturize the skin, leave the skin super soft and fresh, and you can mix it with your daily body cream.


I decided to add the white vanilla to my homemade shea butter cream for kids with dermatitis, if you lose the recipe, please click here

I have been adding the white vanilla to my body cream, to my leave in conditioner and I love the results, I will share with you later the recipes and the results.


Happy New Year 2016! Blessings!