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How to use vanilla in your natural hair regimen

Posted 4/13/2016

I want to share with you my experience and how beneficial this ingredient has been for my hair growth and shine.

I was amazed with the results I got after using the vanilla as a leave in conditioner, my hair it was moisturized for a longer period, I noticed some growth and a lot of shine.


There are two ways to incorporate the vanilla in your hair regimen first as a pre-poo treatment and the second as a leave in conditioner, which is my favorite.


1-Vanilla 3 Ozs mix with the oil of your preference or the one your hair love the most. I prefer coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil.  Apply into your hair and let it sit for 45 min or all the time you want. Then proceed to wash your hair as usual.


2-Wash your hair as usual and use vanilla, mix with a couple of drops of your oil of preference and apply into your hair as a leave in conditioner.


What I love about this leave in, I get a lot of shine, curls definition, definitely your curls with be popping.

All you need is vanilla extract (my favorite the Dominican vanilla extract) Vanilla extract is affordable and is great for the hair, which makes a perfect combination.

You can use black or white vanilla extract, I do prefer the white one, to avoid staining clothes, but both work great especially in natural curly, thick, afro hair textures. 


If you have low porosity hair like me, trust me, vanilla would be your best friend, vanilla as well, prevent hair shedding.

Did you know the benefits of vanilla for your hair? have you ever used it in your hair regimen? please comment and share.