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Tips to grow healthy hair during Anemia (Iron deficiency)

Posted 5/7/2015

Did you know iron deficiency affect your hair growth, shine and excessive hair loss? A healthy diet affects the quality of our hair and our general health.

When our diet is not healthy enough, not vitamins, not enough liquids, our hair won´t grow and will be brittle and excessively dry.


Sometimes, we use to drink more coffee than water and that affect dramatically the absorption of vitamins, because our hair is not getting enough nutrients.

I am a #1 coffee fan, but I decided to reduce caffeine, from 4 cup to 2 cup daily.  My body did not get the iron in a proper way, so I have to make a choice, the caffeine it was drowning my whole body.

Let me clarify, coffee is not bad, it should be drink it with moderation, especially if you have iron deficiency, you feel tired, weak and even taking a good care of your hair you do not see any good results.

It does no matter how expensive and good quality, your hair products are, if you are having lack of iron in your blood, it won´t help you, the same with the DIY home made remedies, they just will cover a little bit the damage; the idea and my advice is to start from inside to outside, then you will be able to get the best results with both, the homemade remedies and the products of your preference.

One of the signs that you may be suffering Anemia, you notice your hair is brittle, excessively dry, excessive hair loss and not matter what you do and how good you take care of it, your hair does not grow, definitely  you should consider to have hemoglobin test. There are many other signs that will help you to recognize if you have iron deficiency, for example: weakness, fatigue, pale skin and so on.


Some advices to grow healthy and strong hair during recovering from anemia


1-Green juices every day that will recharge your body of energy, a lot of vitamins and minerals, therefore your hair will get all of those nutrients and you will notice the difference.


2-Iron capsules and multivitamins, taking them according to your doctor advices and the MG you need per day.


3-Healthy diet it means healthy hair.


4-For sensitive stomach people, nothing better than BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES, that is the best, trust me, having an small cup of water and a tablespoon of molasses at any time during the day, will provide your body the iron need it. My stomach is sensitive, so Molasses it has provided me the Iron needed in cases of need.  


5-Drink enough water.


Always consult your doctor, in order to treat and know the type of Anemia you may have.



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Thanks and be blessed always!